The Aztecs were at the root of making the association between sex and avocados, though few argue they knew what they were dealing with at the time. They referenced where they grew as a ‘testicle tree,’ but devoured them for far more compelling fertility reasons. Unbeknownst to them, hundreds of years later the science behind their ingredients proved their instincts right. Avocados have been used for generations, but only recently have their true colors been exposed. The powerful components that make avocados an aphrodisiac are found in their nutrients. Vitamin E, beta carotene, and magnesium are all present, and each represent heightened sexual proclivity. Vitamin E in particular is often referred to as intimacy stimulant, especially in the over the counter environment. Beyond that, most individuals do not realize that avocados have more potassium than bananas; another force in the field of intercourse. Despite rampant belief that avocados are a vegetable due to their feel and color, they are actually a fruit, and an unassuming one at that for how much rich flavor they distribute.

Most do not associate sensual acts with sharing an avocado, however those who have tried it before hitting the sheets have given glorious feedback to its results. The spike in popularity, especially in the last 20 years, really came down to just how much of a catalyst the ingredients of avocados are to sexual desire. Several aphrodisiacs only display one or two token ingredients that spark electricity. The fact that avocados have at least four (that we know of) makes it easy to see why they are obtained for sexual purposes. The want and need for sex are at the root of what aphrodisiacs produce, and avocados induce this feeling through their ingredients making those who consume them feel vibrant and full of energy. There is talk that eating them leads to endurance, which is obviously a huge facet when it comes to prolonged intercourse. Beyond giving skin a youthful shine, avocados peak arousal by offering faster recovery times.